How to properly use the MVVM pattern in SwiftUI

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What they tell you about memory leaks is not completely true

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Encode and decode a schemaless JSON without losing the type safety

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func logEvent(named name: String, metadata: [String: Any])

Test the network layer easily

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A proposal on how to test reference cycles in your Swift app or library

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The Problem

The main reason why classes are generally not properly deallocated in Swift is because of reference cycles.

Handle keyboard events automatically in any view using AutoLayout and Combine

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Easily animate views in your iOS apps

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How to write AutoLayout constraint programmatically in an MVVM app.

Handle server responses that can change dynamically

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  • To back up their data.
  • To download data to show to the user.
  • And many other use cases.

A hands-on implementation of the Locks and Keys design pattern

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  • Metadata: Information that is used by the app to perform some computation and make decisions independently from user data.

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